1. Applying to the right castings
In order to avoid disappointment ensure that you apply to castings that are suitable for you. As a member of TMMC, we will give you trusted direction as to which area of modelling best suits you. This will give you a significantly better chance of being accepted and booked.

2. Be Prepared!
Castings are common practice as a successful model, you can expect to attend numerous go-sees and castings each week. It always pays to be one step ahead of the game. Research the casting you’re preparing for just as you would for a job interview, find out as much as possible about the role, company or designer, this way you can dress accordingly. Ensure you are perfectly groomed. With our TMMC membership you will be able to access more information on ways to prepare for a casting in detail.

3. What to bring?
Portfolio (aka your book), rates sheet, a working contract, your comp or Zed cards so they remember you. As part of your model kit, bring some basic make-up like concealer or make-up palette, Flats and heels, nude or black coloured undergarments, basic hair styling equipment, such as hairbands, a brush, kirby grips, skin & body products, snacks, water, reading material, pen and notepad and your phone charger.

4. What to wear to a casting?

Don’t ever think what you wear doesn’t matter, it DOES! The more time you put into looking like a model and how you present yourself, the better response from clients. Keep it basic with an element of personal style and make sure whatever you do wear, that it makes you feel your best. The client will always have a rough idea of the type of model they want to use, so if they like your look and portfolio you will be short listed for the job. As a TMMC Member you will be fully briefed on what to wear to a casting.

5. Bring your A-game to nail that casting

A positive, confident and enthusiastic model who communicates well & follows direction will help you score the job. But don’t forget to be humble, and treat everyone you meet at the casting with respect, from the assistants to the editors and the designer. You must also show enthusiasm and reliability in order to stand out and give yourself the best possible chance of getting booked for the job.

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